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Height: 5'6"   |   Eye Color: Blue   |   Hair Color: Brown

Hannah Ford (she/her) was born in California, grew up in Utah, and is now a Manhattan based actress, singer, dancer, and writer for stage and screen. She is currently working on turning her festival darling short film Excellentricity (chosen as one of the Best of the Fest at the Ha Ha Harvest Festival in Portland, OR) into a full scale animated TV show. You can follow and support that journey on Instagram @LoveLightningandSpandex. Hannah starred in Michael the Musical at the New York Theatre Festival where she was nominated for Best Singer. Check out the original cast album HERE! Hannah loves working with writers on new work and breathing new life into old classics. She has a dream of one day bringing her talents back home to Utah and premiering a feature at the Sundance Film Festival. Let's tell stories together! NYU Tisch Drama NSB/Stonestreet + a little improv at The PIT

Actor's Access



Tribal Innovations   |   Love, Freedom, and Other Lies From the South   |   2023

Antonia Kasper   |   True Confessions of the Straight Man   |   2022

Cristian Duran   |   Race: The Movie: The Play   |   2022


Alisa Bruza   |   Michael: The Musical   |   2021


Chad St. John   |   Animus   |   2023   |   Lead Actor

Entropy Cat Studio   |   VAMPIRES’ TALE: The Love Of Duo Souls   |   2023   |   Lead Actor


Stonestreet Studios   |   Voyages   |   2021  |   Lead Actor

Stonestreet Studios   |   Egress   |   2021  |   Lead Actor

C(R)AZY Productions   |   Unravel   |   2017  |   Lead Actor


NYU Tisch Drama

-Stonestreet Studios​

-The New Studio on Broadway

The People's Improv Theatre

Special Skills

I'm a screenwriter and songwriter. I've worked as a barista so I can whip up all your favorite espresso drinks. I'm great at whistling and nannying. I have experience Assistant Stage Managing and Assistant Directing. I can play basic guitar, ukulele, piano, and flute. I have a valid US Passport and Driver’s License, and have experience driving a truck in NYC. I pride myself on my fearlessness.

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